When building the media center, everything goes like clockwork

Die Baustelle aus der bekannten Perspektive slider 2
A lot of sweat and hard work

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, this week, we have been working vigorously again. Tomorrow, we will finally complete the concrete floor slab. The formwork has been made and the reinforcing bars have been laid. As always, creating the formwork was a difficult task, since there is no ready-made reinforcement mesh on the Peruvian market.

We also had to order materials, encase the floor edges, and lay the empty pipes on the lamp cord. To ensure that the concrete slab is completed first, we have to delay the installation of the concrete bucket crane, as well as the construction of a small bridge between the building and the hill.

But, as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words! We are very grateful for your prayers for this construction project, and particularly for the completion of the concrete!

Have a beautiful and blessed week, Johannes

Die Eisen für die Treppe muessen noch verlegt werden slider
The iron for the stairs needs to be relocated.
Die Leerrohre werden eingesetzt slider
The empty tubes are used.
Genügend Material ist vorhanden, auch die Betontrommel wird bereit sein slider
Sufficient material is present, and soon the machine can run again.
Über diese Brücke wird der Beton in Schubkarren transportiert slider
The concrete will be transported across this bridge in wheelbarrows.
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