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Baccharis Coridifolia, a local girl’s brush with death

Mädchen Intensiv giftige Beeren
Sheila to be in intensive care (USI). Her dad is holding her.

A littel Quechua girl eats Baccharis Coridifolia

At two o’clock, Monday afternoon a little girl was brought to the emergency room. She arrived convulsing violently and needed immediate medical treatment. After she was stabilized, she was brought to the intensive care unit for further monitoring while Dr. Heike Lindacher began to investigate just what had happened.

It turns out that the little girl had eaten a handful of delicious looking, but very poisonous wild berries called Baccharis Coridifolia.  When eaten, the poison acts quickly on the central nervous system and is even strong enough to kill a cow. Fortunately, she is better now.

The berries have a light welcoming color.