Being spied upon to the utmost


And what did the hackers find?

Now we have it black on white. In August 2013 hackers stole the data of over one billion people – Yahoo made it possible.  Email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays and passwords… they all vanished into the hoover of the voracious digital thieves.  And what information was gathered in the secret computer labs?

What would others discover about you and me, if our inner motives and actions done in secret were laid bare? Would hackers or agents discover that we were alive and what we were thinking, speaking and doing?

Would the cryptographically secured data reveal that we lived our lives authentically at Diospi Suyana?  The Bible says that one day everything about every person will be revealed. Not a pleasant thought – what would people then think about us? And what about God?

Picture: missionary doctor Dr. Kirsten Morigeau stands next to the bed of a serious ill patient in the Hospital Diospi Suyana in August 2013.

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