Constructing and deconstructing – there is a time and a place for both


Good news on the hospital extension front

Dear Friends, on Friday afternoon all missionaries and their families are going to Yucay in the beautiful Urubamba-Valley (the Inca’s Holy Valley) for a so-called “retiro” (weekend-retreat) – they will return on Sunday having hopefully spent a lovely weekend together.

On the building site the technical aspects inside of the hospital and various necessary modification works are being performed.  Everywhere you can encounter drilling, flexing and stemming.  I am very thankful that the departments and their patients “suffering from our noise and dust” are enduring it so nobly.

Oxitec are making ground installing the oxygen pipes in the first construction stage and almost all of the ports at the beds are in place in the two-bed hospital rooms.  A local locksmithery made the air ventilation ducts and will start installing them soon.  The ducts arrived on site today.

In the third stage of construction the plastering work is continuing, the stairwell is finished and the working platforms have been deconstructed.

The breaking of the emergency bridge through the current roof and the bridge’s roof are completed.  We are currently working on the balustrades.  The current balustrade at the exit of the bridge is being levelled in the course of which some earth works are necessary.

Wishing you a blessed and contemplative 2nd of Advent weekend, Udo.

The copper pipes are being soldered.
The circuits for the vacuum and oxygen pipes.
The stairwell suffused with light.
The roof works of the emergency bridge are complete.
Working on the balustrade.
The levelling works for the exit of the emergency bridge.
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