Diospi Suyana’s secret number



Numbers are a fantastic way to describe things mathematically.  Since 2006 roughly 150 long-term-missionaries have come to Diospi Suyana in Peru.  Nearly 1,000 friends regularly support our work in Curahuasi financially.  At a guess 0.1 million people have been involved in our charity events supporting Diospi Suyana.  1.8 million people have visited our website.  We are nearing the 500 media report mark: through these various reports on television, radio and in newspapers one can guess that over 100 million have heard of Diospi Suyana.

These numbers are impressive, but they are insufficient to properly show what really matters in Diospi Suyana.  In October 2016 Diospi Suyana’s secret can be best explained by the number “667”.  667 volunteers have pledged in written form to regularly pray for our colleagues, patients and children.

The above picture is taken from a short film about Diospi Suyana aired worldwide in many languages by Deutsche Welle in 2013.  Just before a complicated eye operation the operation team, led by Dr Ursula Buck, prays for God’s blessing.

Several years ago before holding one of my talks I overheard two men mocking Diospi Suyana’s flyer.  They had noticed the “absurd” question: “Do you want to pray regularly for Diospi Suyana?” I doubt that these two men would still be mocking – the development of hospital, school and media centre is too impressive.  Dear Reader, perhaps you could pray for these two men!

Then as now we do not focus on our limited possibilities, but at God’s omnipotence.

We are just one prayer away from God (Mother Teresa)
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