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Radio Diospi Suyana

At Delft Imaging in Hertogenbosch

A visit out of gratitude

Mr Harro Nip (on the left) told me something interesting: the Hospital Diospi Suyana was the first hospital worldwide that used Delft Imaging’s software to recognise Covid-infections in the lung. End of last year John Lentink heard about this novice programme and contacted the company in Hertogenbosch.  The donation of this innovative x-ray technique greatly facilitated finding the diagnosis before Covid-quick-tests were readily available.  Meanwhile hospitals on all continents use this software; but as already pointed out: Diospi Suyana was Number 1!

An illustrious audience sits in the grand boardroom of the former city archive building.  They come from The Netherlands, Japan, Iran, Jordan and Indonesia.  Thus the chairs hold a varied collection of different worldviews. What we have in common in a computer software.  – My presentation also deals with illnesses and therapies, but mainly focuses on how six empty fields in The Andes turned into a modern hospital.

I ask myself what is going on in the heads of the seven other people in the room!  Do they make God responsible for the coincidences and miracles that occurred at Diospi Suyana or do they suspect a natural explanation?  Sadly, not much time remains after the presentation for conversations, since I am under time-pressure.  On my way to Osterode near Salzgitter an email reaches my smartphone: “Thank you for visiting us and giving your very inspirational presentation!  My colleagues were impressed and surprised!”

Delft Imaging’s software being used. Dr Martina John (left) and x-ray specialist John Lentink are looking at an x-ray of the lungs.
In the noble old city archive building (corner-house on the right) in Hertogenbosch.
A cordial welcome on the screen in the entrance foyer.
The walls are not covered with wallpaper, but were decorated by painters.