At 95 yrs she is behind Diospi Suyana

Our oldest Diospi Suyana supporter sent out her birthday invitations and more than 40 guests came. Instead of accepting personal gifts, Mrs Krafthöfer had placed a beautifully crafted box at the party and asked people to make a donation for the mission hospital. Hildegard Krafthöfer had previously organized her 90th birthday as a Diospi Suyana fund-raiser as well.

Klaus John made a surprise visit at the end of the party and presented Mrs Krafthöfer with a small bouquet of flowers and wished her many more years (not exactly unselfishly!) and God’s richest blessings on her life.

NB: Dear web page visitor,

If you are also preparing for your 95th birthday, you have 2 options. One the one hand, you can plan an adventure vacation in Alaska, a bungee jumping activity or perhaps a white-water rafting expedition! On the other hand, you too could host a birthday party asking guests to donate toward the charity work of the mission hospital in Curahuasi.

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