As if one were looking for a needle in a haystack

Though rather painful

No one knows why and how the 17-year-old rammed a needle into his left buttock while going to bed four months ago, let alone who was so purposefully mean as to put the sewing needle onto his bed sheets.  Back then several surgeons at a hospital in Puno tried to remove the corpus delicti; but were unsuccessful.  Since then the patient felt a distinct, sharp twinge in his behind at any wrong movement.

Two days ago the patient arrived in the Hospital Diospi Suyana’s outpatient department.  An x-ray revealed that the 2-centimetre-long needle was sitting 3.5cms under the skin.  Using a C-arm (x-ray fluoroscopy device) our surgical assistant doctor Dr Victor Hugo Lopez successfully removed the pointed device.  Missionary doctor Dr Thomas Tielmann gave valuable advice during the operation.

It is unclear as to whether the sewing needle will ever land in granny’s sewing box again, but we hope it will never again land in a bed.

The needle has been removed.
OTA Julio and surgeon Dr Hugo Victor Lopez.
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