A Laywer, an engineer and a doctor get their hands dirty

Umzug in letzer Sekunde

The Diospi-Suyana-Guesthouse

Our construction engineer Johannes Bahr and Dr John met at the airport in Lima on Tuesday evening.  Johannes had arrived from Cusco and Dr John straight from Frankfurt.  An official settlement of the Diospi Suyana purchased Guesthouse property was scheduled at 3:30 pm the following day, with the final signatures at a local notary office at 5 pm. On Wednesday morning the two inspected the guesthouse property in the south of the capital.

Accompanied by the attorney Thaisa Clemente, the two of them walked through the door to find most rooms were still filled with unwanted furniture and things of all sorts. Without much ado, the appointment with the notary was postponed for an hour while the engineer, lawyer and doctor rolled up their sleeves to clean up the property.

The three of them caused such a positive vibe that the accompanying family members joined in. At 6 pm with the handover of the final balance of payment, the property exchanged hands. Now Diospi Suyana is not only the owner of the guesthouse in Surco, but also a resident.

Johannes Bahr will begin renovation work in a week, consisting of two bathrooms and some additional windows which need to be installed. Now, when he finds himself bored on the hospital construction site in Curahuasi, he can simply continue working on the Guesthouse in Lima – and the other way around. The commissioning of the Guesthouse is scheduled for the First of February 2016.

That night, Dr John and a small Peruvian family were sitting on the stairs of the empty Guesthouse. The missionary doctor told the potential home wardens the Diospi Suyana’s story. The laptop sat on the lowest step and the audience on steps above. It resembled an amphitheatre, only a little smaller.

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6 pm – final signatures
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