Anesthesiologist Natascha Lopata receives permanent medical license in Peru

The way: documents, exams, patience

Your number with the Peruvian Medical Association consists of six digits. Since June 23, our anesthesiologist Dr. Natascha Lopata is officially registered. It was not easy. Natasha first had to have her German medical certificates translated and notarized. Then there was a long multiple-choice exam to pass. And finally, the authorities put them on the rack for months. But now she has made it and we congratulate her.

Born in Siegen, she learned about Diospi Suyana during her studies through the book “I have seen God”. Now she is at Mission Hospital herself, making history. Hopefully for a long, long, long time. /KDJ

(Caption: Anesthesiologist performs bronchoscopy in the intensive care unit. Image: Sabine Teichert)