Recognition and understanding

Klasse 2 Oktober 2014 slider
Everyone needs encouragement

Stretching their arms very high into the air, these students of Diospi Suyana School express themselves. Blessed is the student who has received a praise or encouragement before classes end. After a positive word from the teacher, the homework in the afternoon is always easier.

Happens the same with adults; an encouraging slap on the shoulder does wonders. Every day, we energize the workplace with encouragement. Success gives wings. Now, I might even set higher goals and grow as a person.

This is even true with God, especially in prayer. When I feel his closeness, I feel comforted and strengthened. A teacher occasionally overlooks one or two students, but with God, this does not happen. This is why the title of the second book on the history of Diospi Suyana is “God has seen us!”

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