And right through heated Peru…

…rolls Container# 73 towards Curahuasi

The whole nation wants to know in which direction the counting in the Central Election Bureau (ONPE) develops.  First rumours have been leaked that Keiko Fujimori could take the lead.  Lawyers from both parties are scrutinising 0.5mio votes.  Tense faces wherever one looks.  Should the conservatives win one expects violent riots from the political left.

Peru is like a barrel of gunpowder that could explode at any minute.  And right through it all an articulated lorry brought our Container#73 from Lima to Curahuasi.  It was unloaded at the hospital yesterday afternoon.  The contents are made up of furniture and equipment for the hospital and for the school.

We thank everyone who helped move 50m³ into our warehouses. (Pictures by Jenny Frank and Steven de Jager).

Breaking the seal.  Members of staff are at the ready to unload the container.
Pit Werner at the wheel brings the Unimog into the right position.
Equipment for the hospital kitchen sees the light of Peru.
It is amazing what one container can hold!
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