An update: Tanja Hock made it in Madagascar

Respect and recognition

A day in May 2016. My cell phone rings in the afternoon. “Can we meet?” In the evening, Tanja Hock, accompanied by two friends, climbed the steps of a Wiesbaden rear building. She had read a book about Diospi Suyana and wanted to tell about her project in Madagascar. The experienced midwife planned to build a clinic in one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Yesterday morning – six years later – she called me again. The WhatsApp connection was surprisingly good. And also amazing was the fact that their hospital is now up and running. A blessing for up to 100 patients a day, 25,000 patients a year. Their website features the phrase, “God willing, a broom will bloom!”

A courageous woman with two foster children dared to do something very big by trusting in God. Thus, faith created facts. Currently, the Tanja Hock is looking for employees for its administration. All contact details can be found on your homepage:

Tanja Hock to the right of the missionary doctor on May 15, 2016.
This building was still a dream of the future at that time.
One of the entrances to the clinic premises