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An odyssey takes a temporary happy end

Difficult conditions for the air transportation of our three respirators

The borders are closed for passenger transport, but cargo planes are allowed to fly.  Last Saturday British Airways flew our donated respirators from Frankfurt to London.  At some later juncture the package crossed the Atlantic and touched down in Miami, USA.  Two days ago Avianca Airlines flew the freight to Medellín in Columbia.  If one can trust the tracking-number then the products arrived in Lima yesterday, Saturday.

A “Dankeschön” to Company Löwenstein for donating the high-tech equipment.  A “keep up the good work” to Karin Straßheim from our home office for her patient planning in cooperation with the DHL’s logistics department.  And of course a thank you prayer to God, the Giver of all good things./KDJ

As an explanation: the devices can be used for invasive ventilation, i.e. they help patients who can no longer breathe independently.