An Oasis Of Humanity

Roxabel Ramón has been working for "El Comercio", the New York Times of Peru for many years. On Friday, May 18th, the newspaper ran her one-page story about the work of the missionary hospital. The article was full of praise.

The journalist knows what she is talking about given that only recently she visited the hospital herself. She arrived with two officials from ADIFAN, a pharmaceutical association, who were presenting the hospital with a drug donation valued at roughly $20.000.

In her article, Roxabel Ramón quoted Adifan’s president José Silva: What the Germans are doing for the country, is a challenge to us. They are teaching us Peruvian entrepreneurs a lesson. It would be helpful if we’d stop accusing the government. Instead we should unite to imitate the work of Diospi Suyana in other poor regions of our country.

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