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An interesting case taken from medical field

Applying one’s know-how

A young man came into the A+E department and complained about throat pains.  He said that while eating fish last week something went down the wrong way.  These symptoms are common.  But fish-bones are rarely found in the throat during the examination.  More often than not the foreign body sensation arises from a small injury caused by the fish bone on its way into the stomach.

In the case in question Dr Martina John was determined to find the cause.  Brilliantly supported by nurses Ruth and Maribel she inspected the throat using a video-laryngoscope.  And indeed she was able to identify the corpus delicti in the rear folds of the mucous tissue.  Using long magill-forceps she was successfully able to remove the fish bone. The picture below shows that not only the patient was delighted with the successful result.

Nurses Ruth and Maribel at work in the endoscopic department.