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Radio Diospi Suyana

An important visitor from Harvard University

David Zorn is writing his thesis about defence strategies

The picture on the wall shows people wearing coloured traditional costumes.  They are Quechuas, the actual target group of the missionary hospital.  On the cupboard below on the right one can sees miniatures of the dental- and eye-clinic.   Over the past years the hospital has seen more than 442,000 patients, most of whom come from the lowest class of society.  They received modern medicine with good results.  Some may be surprised that such a humanitarian work not only has friends, but also fiends.

Yesterday evening in an office of the hospital Dr Martina John spoke to David Zorn, a student of Harvard University, who is reading Public Policy.  For many years now he has been following Diospi Suyana’s developments from a distance.  The question that has brought him to Curahuasi – he will be spending well over a week here – is exciting and extremely up-to-date:  how can a successful missionary hospital defend itself in corrupt surroundings against people who are enviously and adversely inclined towards us?

In his analysis he points to the reoccurring attempts from our opponents to mar Diospi Suyana’s good reputation through defamation and false accusations.

It is amazing how far-reaching Diospi Suyana has meanwhile become: right up to the most renowned US University.  We are looking forward to hearing David’s ideas and advice.

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