They will recognise you by your love


Yesterday this was the case

A mixed audience met yesterday in the house and garden of Family Minge: missionaries, Peruvians, grown-ups and children spent three hours saying goodbye to Marlen Luckow: the Swiss dentist spent four years of her life leading the hospital’s dental clinic.  Now she is about to leave Curahuasi.

Dr. Marlen Luckow

Towards the end of the afternoon everyone came together and many people spoke: every input was full of thanks and appreciation, tears were shed and the main tenor was: “We will miss you!”

Despite the size of the community of missionaries and friends it maintains its personal note: mutual support and real interest in the other.

Did not Jesus Christ say in John’s gospel that you will recognise his disciples by their love for each other?

But not everything is perfect in Diospi Suyana.  Disappointments and difficult times are part and parcel of every missionary work.  The missionaries’ re-entry into their home culture is often experienced as a very cold shower.  We hope that Marlen will have an easier start in Switzerland.  But however her next few months will turn out, we know that God will be by her side wherever she goes.

Every remark touched the hearts.
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