An articulated lorry rolls with Container#71 along Peru’s empty roads

And will hopefully arrive in Curahuasi tomorrow (Friday) afternoon

Yesterday, Wednesday, afternoon after lunchtime: a heavy articulated lorry starts its journey southwards transporting, among other things, equipment that we plan to use in our fight against the Coronavirus.  We wait impatiently for the high-end x-ray machine so that we can make an optimum assessment of heart and lungs.

Three respirators are currently waiting for onward transit at Frankfurt Airport.  Via London we expect them to be flown to Peru soon.  Next week a company will send us ten devices for non-invasive ventilation.  This load must also be transported by air from A to B (i.e. from Germany to Peru) a.s.a.p.

We are thankful that even though borders are closed officially that our supply chains have not dried up.

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