Already Almost Conspiratorial

A car drives up and a man with leather jacket gets out. He enters the Wiesbaden railway station in a hurry and looks around casually as if he is waiting for somebody. Suddenly a approached by a couple and after a quick chat the 3 move into a Bakery in the station’s lobby. Following a mysterious phone call, the 3 are joined by another lady. She has just arrived on the train from Dusseldorf, while the married couple had arrived previously from Saxony by car. The stranger whispers something about South America as the 4 take a seat around a table.

There are 2 glasses of water, a coke and a laptop on the table. On the screen of the laptop several maps from a distant land appear. Colourful photos from south of the equator pop up on the 15” screen and for the next 30 minutes the group remain in deep conversation. Suddenly, the man in his mid-forties jumps up, pays the bill and disappears through the door, out into the darkness of the night.

What really happened here? In fact 3 candidates for Diospi Suyana received information about the distant hospital. Haste was imperative because the man in the leather jacket and his laptop will return to Peru on Saturday!

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