After three and a half years Udo Klemenz writes a construction report again

Diospi Suyana says, “Thank you!”

Dear Diospi Suyana friends, after three years of absence from Perú, I came back once again for a short mission and on Saturday the 22nd of March I took charge of the construction work for the Youth Festival of Ing. John took over, whose stay here was limited in time.

The work is a lot and unfortunately the time until April 26 is very short, but we will try to make the best of it.

This week, we completed the slab formwork, including edge stops and recess boxes for later stripping of the cistern, installed the extensive sanitary and electrical installations and, of course, laid the reinforcing bars at the same time. On Wednesday morning we were able to concrete the cistern ceiling.

The backfill for the floor slab up to building 2 has been completed and the foundations can be started.

In Building 2, the extensive masonry work on the cabin walls has been completed and the ring beam on the exterior masonry is being formed and reinforced.

Unfortunately, it still rains almost every night and makes it difficult to work, especially in the morning hours.

To all readers of the build report I wish a good and blessed weekend, Udo

The preparations for concreting are done so far.
The concreting is going on.
It’s done. The cistern is concreted.
The ring beam is reinforced.
Excess excavated earth is hauled away.
Drainage of the truck access road
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