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Activities in Diospi Suyana’s community house

Current pictures

For nine years now the children’s club is an indispensable community facility.  In the first and second floor members of staff live in six apartments.  In the garden-storey our new volunteers are willingly learning Spanish.  After a long time children are playing again on the lawn again.  The Corona-pandemic was and is hard to endure, especially for boys and girls.  For 18 months there was no live classroom teaching in Peru.  The children were only at home 24/7.  Unbearable, mildly put.  But finally the long tradition of our children’s clubs can revive.

In the past up to 400 children have visited the group classes of our 14 clubs.  That was before Covid.  Now we are trying to find a way into the new normality.

Everything that rolls is interesting.  Playing with mouth-mask and caution.
On the green lawn.  Playing in a group is much more fun.
The weekly plan of the language students

Language classes are hard work for the new missionaries.  The older one is, the harder it is to learn a language.  Strong motivation, diligence and patience are indispensable.

We wish all our staff lots of success in this important first phase in Peru.


Language classes with teacher Chari Meneses Quispe. Julia Kruse (on the right) and Christian Haupt.
Christine Haupt during one-to-tuition.