Sheep safe from crocheting club

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Wool supplies in ladies’ crocheting group

Diospi Suyana provides not only children’s clubs, but also a crocheting group. Dental assistant Inessa Tews, Tabea Seiler and social worker Debora Centner give alpaca wool to the poorest women of Curahuasi. With this wool, the talented Quechua ladies crochet colorful baby blankets, cute purses, finely-patterned caps and much more. Some women explain to us what they plan to do with the proceeds from their crocheted goods. For example, Maria is saving up for her son’s graduation and Julia wants to buy a thermos; other women set the money aside for a rainy day. Today, Mariella brought her sheep with her in order to guard it during crocheting club (see above). We almost took some sheep’s wool to crochet, to add a sort of variety to our alpaca wool.

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Inessa Tews holds a devotional, from heart to heart.
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