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Radio Diospi Suyana

Since 1a.m. this morning Diospi Suyana Radio is being broadcast in the District Echarate

40,000 Peruvians can now tune our radio programme on 107.1 FM

One week seriously hard installation work and months of preparation.  Almost two years have passed since we bought the frequency.  Since 1a.m. Central European Time all components of our transmission facility are up and running faultlessly.  The District Echarate lies in Cusco State.  We congratulate our team most cordially to this fantastic success.

Diospi Suyana’s radio programme is now broadcast on five frequencies, reaching listeners in five of Peru’s regions.

This team has written history!  Above photo (from left to right): Samuel Perez, Christian Oswald, Doric Manco, Chris Welch, Cristobal Pancorbo. Below: Javier Apaza.

By the light of dawn one can see a lonely figure in the aerial tower: the Australian Chris Welch.
This satellite dish receives the satellite signal.
The pickup’s car radio proves it – click on the picture to hear a short video.