A tremor in the village community Urinsaya Ccollana de Huarocondo

Shock Prayers Nonstop

No one will know exactly how many trips we have made through the Anta province of Cusco state in the past ten months. Driven by the hope to finally find a mountain for our radio tower. Phone calls, WhatsApps and emails until our batteries were empty. Negotiations at almost any time of day or night. Often we were close to the goal, but something always went wrong at some point.

Yesterday morning, Dr. John explained Diospi Suyana’s vision to over 300 members of the Urinsaja village community. As he spoke, Doris Manco and Maria Uscca prayed in their chairs in the front row. The discussion was controversial and the outcome remained completely open until the vote. But then came the deep sigh of relief.

195 people present voted for the Diospi Suyana radio tower. 5 voted against and over 100 abstained. Doris and Maria had every reason to show the V-sign afterwards. The Imillay mountain we are talking about is located behind the pickup truck of our media center. It is located about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Cusco.

We thank God for this breakthrough and for giving us the patience to fight the battle to the end. Maybe by the first of January we will be on the air in the province of Anta. /KDJ

Doris Manco (left) and Maria Uscca (right) in an upscale mood. It worked. Finally!! Imillay mountain is in the background.
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