A totally successful operation

We congratulate a young patient

The case that pediatrician Dr. Simon Then presented to his colleague was just right for an experienced traumatologist. For months, Maria Quispe*had been growing a tumor in the back of her left knee. The result: chronic pain and an ugly protrusion. The 16-year-old girl from a mountain village of Apurimac clearly suffered from her disease. The diagnosis was an unclear bone tumor of the left tibia.

Trauma surgeon Dr. Fritz Meiswinkel performed the procedure. The access from behind between vessels and nerves was a real challenge. But vascular surgeon Dr. Thomas Tielmann was also at the operating table.

The operation was successful without complications. Since histological examination revealed a benign finding, the girl is cured. (*name changed)

The tumor on the shinbone (tibia) is very clearly visible in the X-ray image
After the operation. The tumor is gone.


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