A Swiss friend after her visit to our hospital

“On the occasion of our trip last year to Peru we got to know the project of Diospi Suyana with Mr. Klemenz, and it was explained to us in detail. We were impressed with the construction project, which makes it possible to provide for all sorts of needs. I had the desire to support the hospital with my next birthday celebration. This year I am having a round-numbered birthday, and I would like to take this chance to collect money for Diospi Suyana instead of birthday presents. I want to provide a handout of Diospi Suyana for each of the invitees …”

Ms Döbelin made it happen: She received a sum of 1.200 Franken!

She wrote yesterday:

“We took a picture with a Quechua lady close to the hospital in January 2007. The lady lives close to the hospital. I advertised for Diospi Suyana with this picture …“

Thank you Ms Döbelin! (3 fotos)

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