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A silver wedding anniversary on the Rhine River

Prof Reinhard and Elke Dörner support Diospi Suyana

It was a hot day in August when the boat ‘Rhein Dream’ weighed anchor at Assmannshausen at 1:30p.m.  On board were 120 guests who had followed the Dörner’s invitation to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.  Instead of asking for presents they requested their guests to support Diospi Suyana financially.  The total amount given was an incredible four-digit sum.

40 years ago Reinhard Dörner, Axel Peuker and Klaus-Dieter John were school representatives of the Elly-Heuss-Gymnasium in Wiesbaden.  But quoting the music band BAP: “that was a long, long time ago” – four decades.  And what happened to these three representatives? One of them works for World Bank in Washington, Reinhard is a physics professor and the other vanished in the South-Peruvian Andes.  But they remain in contact with each other.

Diospi Suyana thanks Reinhard and Elke most cordially for their generous financial support and wishes them God’s rich blessings for the next phase of their lives.

The Dörners are ready for their journey heading towards their golden anniversary.