A Satisfactory End to a Tedious Day

At times the work in Lima is a tedious affair. The first visit of the day at the Kessel company took a lot of time without any noticeable results. They will again negotiate the prices of the blood bank equipment.

At the MTU Diesel company there are further delays in the release of the emergency power generator. There is still some paperwork to be done. Hopefully this can be completed within the next few hours.

Meanwhile, the Customs agency, PROSOI is still battling for the release of a shipment of cables and sensors from the authorities. This has been a 6 week process so far.

In the evening I had planned to have my laptop bag repaired but even here there are problems…..The technician is friendly but says, “Sir, I must first repair these other suitcases before the deadline. I am a Christian man and tonight I have on my mind some young people who don´t have it so easy in this life.”

“If you can work on my bag, I will come to your group and tell an amazing story. In Curahuasi there is a modern hospital operating only because God worked miracles to make it happen”, I reply.

Later, after looking at some information about the hospital, Samuel is suitably impressed. He fixes my bag and in the evening I meet 7 young people who share the same hope as I, the want to know God personally in their lieves. KDJ

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