A real problem

Hopefully the driver will see the hole

It is nearly dusk and my wife and I are on our way home.  I always have my camera at the ready to capture each and every situation.  During our 5-minute car journey home I plan to take some photos.  “Tina, please stop” I call and jump out of the car three seconds later.

The dark round on the road leads into the depths of the canalisation.  The lid has been broken seemingly for ever, but those responsible for the interurban road do not seem that interested.  For a couple of weeks now a handful of manhole covers are missing in and around Curahuasi.  It is only a matter of time and either a child will fall in or a car will break its suspension getting its wheel caught.

It may be hard to manage a health-crisis, but this problem seems easily solvable. Does really no one from the town hall see what is going on on Curahuasi’s most important traffic artery?

In the middle of a crossroads.  Despite the traffic cones having a distinct beauty, I would prefer a manhole cover.
Perhaps someone from the city administration should ring the road authority.  Ideally, today!
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