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A night with Ivaylo and Helena Iovtchev

The horizon stretches to Bulgaria

After presentations in Rottweil in the morning and in Munderkingen I arrive in Kressbronn at nightfall.  The city near Lake Constance plays an important role for Diospi Suyana.  It is here where Ivaylo and Helena Iovtchev live with their three children.  Sitting around his dinner table an hour before midnight, Ivaylo shows me pages covered with Cyrillic words.  The Bulgarian has already translated half of the book “I have seen God” into his mother tongue.  We hope that we will be able to organise a presentation tour to Bulgaria in the autumn of 2020.

After breakfast the Iovtchevs hand me an envelope.  At Ivaylo’s 50th they had collected more than €1,500.  This generous donation is for Diospi Suyana in general, but more specifically for the “Bulgarian book project.”  Instead that someone pays Ivaylo for his translation work, he turns the tables and raises money for Diospi Suyana.

We can hardly wait to spread the word about God’s miracles in Sofia and in other Bulgarian towns.  A final handshake and we say our goodbyes.  He is off to Lindau for work, I am driving around Lake Constance on my way to two appointments in Switzerland.

Ivaylo & Helena Iovtchev festively present an envelope.
The photo of the birthday guests. Ivaylo & Helena Iovtchev stand behind the 50.