A new emergency generator for the missionary hospital

TV-team from Diospi Suyana interviewed the noble donors in Lima

Yesterday morning the directors of the company LUVEGI explained why for the first time in company’s 41-year history they donated an emergency generator.  In front of running cameras they stated that it was Dr Klaus John’s fault.  The missionary doctor’s PowerPoint presentation touched their hears.  But later they admitted that they were following the example of their late grandfather Dr Luis Giusti.  For his entire life the doctor and devout Christian cared for the poor in the harbour-city of Callao.  It was a long conversation at the end of which everyone agreed that the aspect of faith plays the most important role.

The brand-new generator weighs more than two tonnes.  His US-American-high-performance motor promises to have a long life.  The value of the device is more than USD20k.  This source of electricity will guarantee that the Hospital Diospi Suyana will have a secure back-up in the years to come.  Should the public electricity grid fail the respirators will continue working without interruption and provide the patients with oxygen.

A big thank you also to Mrs Ursula H. from Enkenbach near Kaiserslauten who covered 17% of the total costs of this joint effort.  When the fourth book about Diospi Suyana is written this episode must be included.  We thank God and the donors who surpassed themselves.

Ing. Joaquín Oré Giusti and Ing. Luis Giusti Keller stand in front of the generator which they kindly donated to Diospi Suyana.
Doris Manco conducted the interview. Our camera men was (not visible) Jairo Barbaran.