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A must-see: the Peruvian Health Minister’s report on Diospi Suyana

A video with English translation

On Tuesday 9th July 2019 the Health Minister Dra Zulema Tomas accompanied by a high-ranking delegation visited the missionary hospital.  During her four hour visit she spoke to countless patients and saw every medical department of the hospital.  Click on the red button to hear and see the Minister’s statement:

Ministra de Salud visita el Hospital Diospi Suyana 2019 07 11 at 8 44 08 AM

Health Minister Dra Zulema Tomas: I am standing in the wonderful Hospital Diospi Suyana in order to promise my unconditional support for this work.  The beneficiaries of this work are our own people.

I have seen the outpatient department, the infirmary, the operating wing and the specialised diagnostic rooms.  Furthermore, I saw for myself the intensive care unit and the emergency room.  I must honestly say that the work that is being done here is admirable. The staff here work with so much love and philanthropy.  Patients from the States of Puno, Cusco, Huánuco, Lima and Tacna come here with the goal of getting well.

Dr Klaus John: We work as an international team with 200 Peruvians and 60 missionaries who dedicate their lives for this work.  We are not driven by the financial bottom line, but by affection, faith and love.

Health Minister: Currently we are coordinating our support for this work.  This is our task for the population’s wellbeing.