A moving scene at life’s end …

Maria Peña * is over 80. She has not opened her eyes for two weeks and is dying after suffering a stroke.  Cristina Quispe * often sits by her mother-in-law’s bedside, deeply in thought about their lives in the past. Frequently, Maria had rendered her life ever so hard to bear. Now, however, compassion seems to be welling up inside her for this woman she would have preferred to avoid all those years.

Jesus once said: "Love your enemies, bless those that curse you and do good to those who hate you!”  A battle has been raging in Christina – for days. Maria, her previous enemy, is lying in bed, eyes closed. She already seems to be more in the beyond than in the here and now.  

Sunday evening: Christina is running to the clinic, calling out her mother-in-law’s name. “I forgive you whatever you did to me! Please forgive me too!“ Maria Peña opens her eyes a last time. A few seconds later she is gone.  (*names are changed) KDJ

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