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Radio Diospi Suyana

A mixture of protocol, experience and thriller

Three books for three long nights

Roughly 10% of all donations we have received over the past few years had something to do with the above books.  Nowhere do the books ask for donations, they in no way aim for the heartstrings and they do not present embellished stories. And yet many readers cried whilst reading them and some of them subsequently made the biggest financial donation they have ever made.  But why?

A bank statement from this week. A first-time donor thanks for the three books.

On the roughly 750 pages God’s acts become visible.  Through incredible coincidences and miracles he mysteriously leads us along convoluted paths.  Since the endings of almost all episodes can be checked everyone immediately notices that the three books are about facts, not fiction.

Taking the German versions and those in six other languages together the trilogy of all the happenings around Diospi Suyana the total circulation comes to more than 0.1mio books.

Two weeks ago a Catholic wrote to us: “Whilst reading I could continuously pray ‘God is there’”.

A secular TV-reporter once remarked: “The story is so good that one should make a Hollywood-film out of it!”  The Head of a German high-school expressed the following about Diospi Suyana: “I myself am an atheist, but I have to admit that Diospi Suyana has become a beacon of faith!”

John Lennox professor emeritus of maths from Oxford University commented: “The story of the Hospital Diospi Suyana is a remarkable proof of what happens when people take God seriously.  From the bottom of my heart I recommend this report as a crystal clear proof of God who really is interested in each one of us!”

The books can be ordered via Amazon in English.  The internet is full of reviews and readers’ opinions.