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Radio Diospi Suyana

A man from Baden Württemberg capitulates in the Ecuadorian Rainforest

And comes to the Peruvian Andes where he does some pretty amazing work

Next week a man from Abancay will sit in front of Daniel in the Orthopaedic Workshop.  After a car accident he lost his right lower leg.  Now he places his hopes into the skills of the man from Baden Württemberg.  Neither this leg amputee nor most people know the story of Family Müller – a story that is incredibly gripping.

A prosthesis according to the plans.

Ecuador, Germany, Palestine, Albania and Peru – are the last 5 places where he has lived.  It is no coincidence that Daniel Müller Junior wants to invest five years of his life building up and running our Orthopaedic Workshop.

And it is not by chance that the adventures of this globe-trotter take up a fair amount of space in Diospi Suyana’s third book.  In his life a beautiful wife plays a dominant role.  She is called Rebecca and hails from an exotic country near the Equator.  For two years now she has been a part of our media team.  But, between you and me, she could equally well star in the next episode of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The reader cannot stop marvelling when he reads “Auf dem Wasser laufen” (‘Walking on the water’), e.g. in chapter 18:

“Prior to new branches of work coming into existence at Diospi Suyana, breath-taking events happen.  For example this happened when Udo and Barbara Klemenz miraculously joined out team when we needed a construction manager prior to the founding of the hospital.  During the construction-phase of our school senior teacher Christian Bigalke happened to come to one of my presentations in the Ruhrgebiet.  He was gripped by what he heard and since 2014 he and his wife head the Colegio Diospi Suyana.  Family Welch read a book for teenagers in distant Sydney and suddenly our radio station project took off big time: it exceeded all our expectations (just being local) and we never expected how far it would go.

For a few days now Diospi Suyana’s third book can be ordered at Brunnen Publishing House or on Amazon.

Coincidences happen in a string of circumstances that would cause Non-Christians to wonder in disbelief.  But for the hard core at Diospi Suyana these miracles are a proof that God is working actively in our lives.  We realise that God is pulling the strings, not we ourselves.  He is Diospi Suyana’s mastermind.

What I have just briefly sketched out also becomes clear in Diospi Suyana’s most recent project.  Brace yourselves, since you are about to leave everyday parameters.

On a Sunday evening in Curahuasi I was sitting with pen and paper at the dining room table of some friends writing down their incredibly fascinating story. Within in no time I needed a second piece of paper which also was quickly filled with bullet points.  Having completely filled five pages and finished my glass of lemonade I drove home as quickly as I could.  I was burning to write down for posterity the contents of my notes.  It is a family saga that after extremely queer and confusing situations brought forth something extremely beautiful!”…