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Radio Diospi Suyana

A life turned on its head

Andres and Mariann Nunn from Columbia speak at the seminar for our members of staff

Through the things he said Jesus Christ turned the established values of the society in which he lived on its head.  His followers are called to live their lives adhering to these revolutionary standards.  To the same degree in which they live according to Christ’s teachings in their daily lives, they shine as bright lights in a dark world.  Pastor Andres Nunn and his wife, Mariann, had prepared interesting seminars to this topic.

A weekend full of inspirational impulses.  Missionaries and Peruvians alike were strengthened in their Christian lives through the Nunn’s presentations.  On Saturday afternoon we bade farewell to some long-serving workers at Diospi Suyana (more on that later).  50 well-trained hikers took part in a nightly meditative silent march to a hill above Curahuasi.  Others marvelled at the prayer room in the first floor that Dr Miriam Boeker and friends had lovingly furnished.  At this point at the latest one could breathe deeply and seek God in prayer.

We thank everyone who took part in preparing this wonderful weekend. Every effort was well worth it.  The three days were ideal to recharge one’s batteries.

Dinner on Friday evening.
Looking into the church service area. Everyone is enjoying it.
Dr David Brady organised the nightly meditative silent march.
In the prayer room on the first floor.  “I long for a new morning” by an unknown artist.
After the morning service Dr Jens Haßfeld thanked the Nunns most cordially for their visit and the wonderful weekend..
Long animated discussions over lunch.