A Hand Offered In Friendship

“The inauguration of the amphitheater is just a taste of what is to come.

The outdoor theater is 100% Peruvian, because its breath-taking surroundings belong to one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Peru. The theater is also German, because many German Christians have been sending donations and the facility is being led by Diospi Suyana in Germany. The amphitheater is an integral part of the evangelical movement in Peru, because hundreds of Christians have volunteered in its construction.

The amphitheater is like a hand offered in friendship between Catholic and Protestant Christians, Peruvians and Germans, poor and rich people, between Quechua-Indians and Mestizos.

Its main purpose is to give hope to and in a region that some political commentators have called a ‘forgotten’ region.

Together with the regional government, Curahuasi’s City Hall and the churches, we want to improve people’s lives in the region of Apurimac.

Hope is possible where love and understanding pave the way, where a vision for a better future is being developed. Confidence grows when promises are kept and lead to action rather than remaining empty words.

None of us know what will happen in Peru after the next presidential election. Nobody knows whether we will be able to celebrate the inauguration of the hospital next March or not. It is likely but not a sure thing. And who knows whether we will still be alive at the end of this year. But despite all these uncertainties, there is a solid foundation for all of us. God is here and among us, and he loves us. He will never leave us. This is the message that will emanate from this amphitheater – today and in the future.

Photo 1: Not a lot of space left.

Photo 2: Dr Klaus John during his speech.

Photo 3: Dr Martina John distributing food.

Photo 4: Bread for everybody, a feeding of the 3000.

Photo 5: Diospi Suyana’s history projected on a 20 square-meter screen.

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