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A greasy and grubby business

But building engineer Klemenz is happy with the result

Dear Readers of my building report, all good things are worth waiting for!  This is the motto for the project: “Laying the Terrazzo floor in the new Operating Theatres!”  The whole floor including the lateral grooves has now been polished and slicked.  Now we are busy giving it an exceptionally good clean before impregnating the floor.  The current result is something to be proud of and makes a good impression.  Our floor-tilers will resume their work once the floor has been impregnated and will finish connecting the hollow profiles with the walls.

Despite being short on staff work on the Kindergarten building site is progressing nicely.  We have finished the masonry work for first classroom and the mould elements for the ceiling continue to be produced.  In wise foresight we had kept the circular formwork – we had made these whilst building the Colegio – which we can now use again in the corners of the circumferential and the 3m-freely-projecting balconies.

Currently working is being done on the dividing wall between classrooms 2+3.  Since these walls do not have any openings and as no encasing work for windows or door-frames are needed, our two carpenters can continue work on the formwork of the outside cellar wall.

Best wishes and a blessed weekend, Udo.

The accrued grinding sludge based on white cement is disposed of in stable plastic sacks.
We need to clean the finished floor several times with water.
The foundation reinforcement for the circular formwork.
The two halves of the circular formwork shells are being brought from the storehouse.
The dividing wall between classrooms 2+3.
Working on the formwork of the upper half of the outside cellar wall.
The building site as seen on 9th May 2019