A Golden Opportunity

It seems the trials of the journey through the mountains was worth the effort. On Wednesday afternoon Dr John was able to present the work of Diospi Suyana using his laptop. The meeting was held in the Health Minister´s office with 4 people present. Mr Lecca, the Health Minister, had made a personal invitation to the San Martin University and especially to the Rector of the university. Also present was the Deputy Health Minister. During the discussion Mr Lecca mentioned that President Alan Garcia had praised Diospi Suyana in a recent Cabinet Meeting.

During the meeting the Health Minister asked the San Martin University to recognize the medical degrees of Dr John and his wife as quickly as possible. Raul Bao, Rector of the university, appeared to be confident that he could resolve this matter quickly.

We thank God for His hand in this matter and look forward to telling the success story in the near future.

Minister und Vize-Gesundheitsminster baten den Rektor der Universität San Martin de Porres die Ärztetitel der Missionsärzte John doch bald anzuerkennen. Der Chef der Universität Ing. Raúl Bao zeigte sich zuversichtlich, diese Frage in Kürze zu lösen. Wir nehmen diesen Tag als Geschenk aus Gottes Hand und erwarten gespannt den Ausgang der Geschichte.

Gesundheitsminister: Secretary of Health

Vize-Gesundheitsminister: Vice Secretary of Health

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