A FM-frequency as far as the eye can see

Diospi Suyana enters unchartered waters – and that twice over

It is never easy working with a Peruvian village community and finally getting a contract signed with Campesinos is even more difficult.  Yesterday, Wednesday, Diospi Suyana signed a lease of 225m² at an altitude of 3,933m.  Such a rental agreement is a novelty for Diospi Suyana.  The lease runs for 50 years after which it can be renewed.  Through this legal procedure a sale that would have been difficult to accomplish was avoided.

It is also the first time that Diospi Suyana will use solar power for its antenna tower from where we can reach a potential 0.1mio new listeners.  Several villages lie around the provincial capital Sicuani who are also in our aerial tower’s catchment area.  It was the third time that Doris Manco, Head of our Media Centre, travelled to Sicuani.  But her hard work was worth it.  At midnight Doris, building contractor Juan Talaverano and Dr John arrived at Curahuasi.

A presentation for the leaders of Pampa Phalla’s village community.
That evening the lease contract was signed by nine persons.  Next to Dr John are (from left to right), treasurer Victor Calvo Farfán, legal advisor Guillermina Curo León, president Don Gabino Yucra Callo and secretary Don Edeki Tairo Huillca.
Sicuani‘s Plaza de Armas.
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