A first at the Diospi Suyana School

A school entrance examination

In the past possible new pupils of our Colegio proved their mettle on three days during which the kindergarten teachers would pick up on their scholastic-skills without much a to-do.  Our experienced school-psychologist would also do a test with them.  Should the children show deficits they would receive further training in speech therapy and/or occupational therapy.

Covid, however, has totally changed things.  Due to the Pandemic the children visited the kindergarten for a mere nine days.  The teachers prepared the learning-materials in advance which they gave to the families to go through and learn at home.  Regular video-calls monitored the children’s progress.

One station of the aptitude test.

In order to determine whether they were indeed ready for school for the first time a school entrance examination had to be taken by the 32 children applying to the school.  They had to show their skills in three different disciplines.  Some children arrived proudly wearing their hardly-used kindergarten uniform.  It goes without saying that the necessary Covid-protocols were adhered to.  It was lovely seeing their eyes light up when they saw the equipment in the sports hall and the many games!

It is unclear what the upcoming school year will really look like.

We fear that we will be nowhere near “normal lessons and teaching”.  The consequences of such a long lockdown are immense and negative for the children’s development.  We place the next months into God’s hands and hope that the politicians responsible for schooling will take and implement decisions that benefit the children and the whole population. /CB

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