A film about Diospi Suyana

A good 5 months ago, Jacko Schneider, Micha Spannaus and Mario Meyer traveled to Peru in order to film a documentary about the story of Diospi Suyana. Their adventure began with the special interest their expensive filming equipment attracted among the Customs Officials in Lima!

Using the material they themselves shot, and some materials from a database, they put together a 32 minute film which brilliantly highlights the work of the mission hospital. The 120 hours that Jacko and Micha put into the film were well worth the effort. The film is sure to give goose bumps to the viewer and everyone should keep a tissue handy for the tears of emotion that are bound to come!

There are still some copy-write issues to be resolved with the background music and the film cover layout still needs to be finalized. They are hoping to have the film ready and available in the Niederbieler office of Diospi Suyana in 3-4 weeks’ time. We are in need of a small donation to finish the project.

The first edition of the film will be produced in German. In the near future we hope to produce the film in English and Spanish as well. Yesterday evening, the film team discussed future plans with Dr John.

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