A fast visit in Munich …

Dr. John went to the bavarian capital to look for new colleagues for the hospital yesterday.

Especially one person, Dr.Uschi Fojtik, listened patiently to the doctors’ presentations.

As a consultant, she is surfing through the Internet for Christian doctors and is in touch with colleges in the United States and Great Britain.

After Dr.John described the situation in Peru, she sent a list of all requirements of Diospi Suyana via email around the world.

Maybe one day there will be more colleagues from the United States or Great Britain working in Curahuasi.

Dr. John left the apartment after the conversation through a stairway which has a really special history. In the Second World War a bomb fell, bolt upright, through the roof into the light well of the stairway without exploding.

PS.: A total of 520 people came to see the doctors’ presentations on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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