A fantastic idea: safety helmets made from plastic

But how on earth do you get at them?

In the current corona-times the safety of our nurses and doctors have the highest priority.  But the preferred plastic safety helmets that one needs are hard to come by.  The national roads are blocked, most companies are unable to produce their wares due to the curfew and Peru’s airports are closed.

But Diospi Suyana’s team has some clever people and bright minds.  Medical-technician Cesar Martel Cervantes used his 3D-Printer to print a stable plastic mounting.  His girlfriend Carol Sandoval Agurto provided substantial support.

In the hospital’s storage areas 1,000 laminating foils were found.  Two were welded together to make a firm, but transparent screen.  This was Markus Klatt’s part!  The third person in the equation was orthopaedic-technician Daniel Müller who made the final product.

You can see the result below.  Is that a reason to thank God! Why, yes, of course! Please also read the important statement below the picture.

We have plenty of the necessary head-covers and mouth-and-nose-masks.


A quote from the world’s bestseller of all times:

Proverbs 12:3 “A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.“

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