A company party under the sign of sport

On the occasion of the 16th anniversary

Last Saturday, 250 women, men and children played, roared and raged all day on the festival grounds. 16 soccer and 10 volleyball teams competed for medals. A hearty meal at lunchtime helped the athletes rise above themselves. The 12 hours in the fresh air had the character of a folk festival. The joy was marred only by a few insect bites. Some brought it to a good 30 stings, but no one needed medical treatment.

In the women’s competition, the computer department/assisted by the security guards won the 1st prize in soccer. Among the men, the operating room team was unbeatable. In volleyball, the mixed computer department/guard team stood on the top step of the podium. The suspicion arose that the staff there had done nothing but practice for the tournament all year.

The hospital has now been in existence for over 16. years. Of course, all employees of the school and the media center were invited as well. We thank the entire staff, Peruvians and missionaries alike, for their great commitment to Mission Diospi Suyana. May God continue to bless all our fields of work in the future. /KDJ (Photos: L = Lego Meza, K= Klaus-Dieter John)

Spectators below the historical mill (K)
The doctors played like never before and lost like always. (L)
Dr. Thomas Tielmann has just won the lottery, made an unexpected inheritance or scored a goal. Perhaps his wife has also just given birth to a healthy son. (L)
A soccer game on the lower field (L)
Perspective through the window of the old mill (K)
Three missionary children enjoy the feast. (L)
Some teams of the Diospi Suyana School played. The Fan Club on the sidelines (K)
Like a big family trip (K)
In the middle of it all, a boy is flying his kite. (K)
Daniel Müller and Christian Haupt laugh at the sausage stand. No one knows how many sausages they secretly ate. (K)
Food for more people than meets the eye (K)
Popcorn for dessert from the booth of Dr. Benjamin Zeier. On the tarp was: The explosion of flavor. (K)
The most delicious of all cakes. Doris Manco, Rebeca Müller and Dr. Martina John ensure justice. Each piece was the same size. Rebeca Müller had moderated in the studio throughout the night. (K)
Greenfield family games (L)
Volleyball in a class of its own (K)
Fighting for every ball. The team of the school won the 3rd place in the end. (L)
The team of nurses/caregivers won 3 prizes at once: The fairness prize, the beauty contest and the silver medal in volleyball. (L)
The winners of the volleyball tournament at 8 pm in the evening. The computer department skimmed off the top. (L)
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