A break in the weather

And during the festival we had the most beautiful weather

Dear Diospi friends, an unpredictable weather slump gave us a hard time during the reporting week. From Friday night until Tuesday noon it rained more or less heavily and it became unpleasantly cold. The surrounding mountains are covered in deep snow as rarely before.

At the camping site the tent dismantling rests for the time being until the tents and the accessories are dried again. The rain did not do our excavation pit for the warehouse on the slope much good either; the foundation trenches, which had already been excavated and in part already reinforced, had to be repeatedly cleaned of falling earth and stones.

In the meantime, however, all foundations were concreted despite the rain and yesterday we were finally able to concrete the floor slab again in the sunshine as well. Now we have ground under our feet and the masonry work can begin.

At the campsite, the toilet house continues to be plastered inside and out. The cistern is pumped empty and can now dry out a bit until tiling. If the delivery date of the ordered tiles is met, we will be able to start tiling in the lower building next week.

A blessed and relaxing May weekend with hopefully spring-like temperatures wishes, Udo

Not good working conditions in this weather.
The clean layer for the floor slab is placed.
Unloading steel by hand
With combined forces, the pre-woven reinforcement cage is carried into the foundation trench.
The bottom slab is reinforced.
The concreting of the floor slab is progressing.
Of course, the concrete is also produced by hand.
Plastering work on the toilet house
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