A Big Compliment On The Crowded Plaza

The sun is burning and the city square of Curahuasi is filled with people. The Diospi Suyana staffers have been waiting for their turn for two hours. Like every year, the schools are up first. 3000 students goose step past the ViP stand.

Finally, the color bearers of the hospital get up. Accompanied by some exciting music, over 100 missionary hospital parade participants give their best, gaze ahead.

Out of the sound system, the voice of the MC makes his announcement: The hospital staffers come from Germany and other countries around the world but deep down they have become Peruvians, feeling like Curahuasinos! The audience claps enthusiastically.

Two minutes later, this patriotic act is history. Diospi Suyana has shown they are part of the community. A small sacrifice for a big event.

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