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Radio Diospi Suyana

600 faces from the world of Diospi Suyana

Created in God’s image

What a great idea to come up with! Dr Julian and Devyn Swanson and photographer Debora Castillo took 600 photos of members of staff and patients which they hung up on a wall in the hospital’s canteen yesterday.  The effort of the three of them and their team of friends was enormous.  (S)He who attended the opening ceremony of the art work yesterday evening agrees: it was well worth the effort!

The people on the photos show Diospi Suyana’s diversity and every photographed person is individually loved by God.  It was very fitting that the participants of the event reminded everyone present of God’s mercy.

Respect and recognition for an ingenious idea perfectly implemented.

The action’s initiators.
The whole team.
Seen during the preparations that afternoon.
Staff and patient photographs (everyone agreed to have their pictures exhibited).