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Radio Diospi Suyana

6 young volunteers have arrived in Peru

Ready to work hard

The last couple of hours Elena Kemmann, Julian Ade, Selina Waltersbacher, Janna Kliesch, Madita Hemcke and Berta-Aileen Stahl spent in the best of mood’s at Diospi Suyana’s Guest House.  Normal mortals tend to suffer from jetlag and prefer to head to bed asap.  Not so the six youths tireless who are spending their International Voluntary Social Year at Curahuasi working at the missionary hospital and the school: they preferred to check out the Peruvian capital, even though they will wake up at 4 a.m. tomorrow and will continue to Curahuasi on Saturday.  The children clubs are also looking forward to welcoming the new European staff.

We wish our friends a productive time in Peru.  Without a doubt they will learn a lot about the country and its people, the language, the culture and about their own home and themselves.

Flying can be so relaxing.  The photo was taken somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean.
In Diospi Suyana’s Guest House.  The night is young, the taxi has been ordered.